Earth Pathways 2025 Diary

I am delighted to announce Earth Pathways has accepted three pieces of my work for their 2025 diary.

“Earth Pathways celebrates the work of artists and writers who share a deep love for the land and a desire to live with appreciation and responsibility for this beautiful planet.”

This is my third year to have my work featured, but I have been a longtime purchaser of these diaries long before I built the courage to submit my work. Each page is a celebration of nature and a source of inspiration from the work of the artists and writers involved.

Backwash 2023 © Emma Cox

My creativity took a hit after a long and stressful house move. Once settled, the desire to paint kicked in. This location is my new favourite haunt. In a world where our online presence increasing takes precedence, nature becomes a pretty backdrop to a selfie for our social media; utilised, but unappreciated. I use art to connect at a deeper level with the landscape and hopefully encourage others to soak up the experiences being in nature can offer.

Dying Light 2021 © Emma Cox

Long after sunset, the colours become deeper, darker, more acute as the true night creeps closer. Dusk is a slender thing. A liminal moment between day and night. Viewing this from the shoreline, I realise I am standing in the space between places. Where there is land, there was once water, and soon the tide will rise and inexorably fall. Nature is a space of change, movement, and never-ending patterns.

Between Earth and Sky 2023 © Emma Cox

I am drawn to the old places as much as I am to nature. There is a desire to understand our ancestors’ thoughts. I find it easier to connect through emotions, for we may not have the same thoughts or beliefs, but we all understand the universal language of feeling. The moody skies called for a black-and-white photo. Folklore says this standing stone is supposedly a piper, cursed for playing on the sabbath. What its true purpose was, we can only speculate.

Earth Pathways is a small green co-operative who is passionate about earth-care, fair-share and a more sustainable, equitable future for all. Their diaries, calendars and journals are full of original artwork and writings inspired by environmentally conscious creatives.

A photograph of a woman's right hand holding the Earth Pathways 2025 diary against a blurred background of the sea and sand. The diary depicts an artists painting of a blustery hill top.
Earth Pathways Diary 2025

Check out their Showcase website to view all the wonderful work by the artists who have contributed to it.

Fancy a copy? Both the Diary and the equally gorgeous and inspiring Wall Calendar will be available to buy from the 20th June. If you want to bag a discount, get in early, as the first 500 diaries and 300 calendars will be sold at an early bird discount.

A illustration of two trees with the roots and branches intertwining so the empty space between the two trunks creates a heart. Above the image are the words Earth Pathways. Below, 2025 Contributor.

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